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Green Design

Green Design


Today’s fashionable word used to describe attitudes and products that address environmental sensitivity. It is really nothing new. Forty years ago, George studied the science of ecology in college as part of his architectural studies. And the obtaining and renewal of his architectural licenses over the past four decades (first in California, now in Michigan) require energy and environmental design knowledge. The integration of architecture and what is now called “green” has always been part of his design thinking.

...each project has been environmentally sensitive simply because it is an integral part of our thinking.

STUDIO DUO’s design approach with every client traditionally includes “green” advice and options. Though those options have not always been used (for reasons of economy or preference), each project has been environmentally sensitive simply because it is an integral part of our thinking.

Our projects have included the use of geothermal heating and cooling, solar energy, recycled and renewable products, and other available technologies. Our design ethos includes passive approaches as well – careful site location and design elements to take advantage of sun and wind, etc.

In other words, LEED and ZNEH (Zero-Net Energy Housing) are not new concepts for us. Their objectives are, and always have been a part of our design approach.

17. Beecken Lake House, West Side

This project included geothermal air, ambient heating systems, renewable decking and interior wood products, “Energy Star” appliances and much more. The use of environmentally insensitive materials and products was kept to a very low percentage.


This project was designed for the future installation of solar and wind power devices (when they become more economically realistic for the owner).

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