Our Process | StudioDuo - Grand Rapids Architecture & Design
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STUDIO DUO’s Approach

Discover why customers all over Michigan choose Studio Duo for their architecture and design needs.

Tailor Made

We tailor our approach to each project just as we tailor our designs to each client. Though we can perform only architectural design or only interior design services, or work within the services of another company, our preferred and most common approach is comprehensive. Whether a whole house design or a remodel, we can make a project from start to finish. Our extensive project management skills along with our design services can lead a project from site plan to architectural design to selection of a contractor to construction oversight to interior design (including everything from finishes and color to furniture selection and custom furniture/cabinetry design) to budget and schedule management to project completion.

The Adventure

We have done this a lot and we love it. We believe that creating a home is not only the most personal project our clients will ever experience, it should be the most exciting and fun. Our goal is to make each job run smoothly and with as few surprises as possible. We know that the creating of a home can be daunting and extremely intimidating. Given our background and experience, it isn’t to us. Think of us as your guide. We will show you where to go and when, how to do it within budget and schedule, and how to enjoy the adventure.

The Most Bang for the Buck

We provide services as necessary to help each client know at move-in that they created a home (or office) that is exactly what they hoped for at the best possible cost. Our fees can be determined a number of ways. Just as we tailor our services, we also tailor our fees to each client.